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Super Mario Bros With SFML in C#

This project was really intended to develop a game engine for 2d plaformers. In doing so, it took shape of Super Mario Bros.

This is my attempt at remaking the famous SMB game for the Nintendo 8-bit. Consider it a demo right now, as it is VERY incomplete. But the engine is developing. Hopefully it may help someone else develop a 2d platform game. It utilizes SFML.

Id love to see this a complete game, so if you are interested in working on it, please feel free to jump in.

Note: I am not a professional game developer! Just a hobby project.

Cursor keys to move, space bar jumps. Requires .NET 4.5 framework


  • Scoring
  • Player lives counter
  • Game over screen
  • Minor fixes

  • Coinbox animations
  • Improved collision detection
  • Flag pole animation
  • Code cleanup & bug fixes

  • Animation effects for static entities
  • Additional sound effects
  • Latest versions of SFML for more accurate clock control
  • Still some collision detection issues

  • Start screen added
  • Others have brought to my attention the lag / slowdon depending on the machine. Working on correcting the game time issue which will resolve. Thanks!
  • Mario can now stomp enemies
  • KoopaTroopas added


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